Distil Networks Establishes Hybrid Environment

Business Challenge

Distil Networks helps enterprises block automated non-human visitors, providing protection from content theft, data mining, web scraping and fraud. The company needed to consolidate their infrastructure with one provider and establish a uniform deployment method, along with the scalability to meet growing demands for their solution.


Distil Networks uses Internap’s bare-metal AgileSERVER along with managed hosting in multiple locations around the globe. The ability to establish a hybrid environment that requires less troubleshooting allowed Distil Networks to focus on innovative new offerings, including a recently launched private cloud deployment option for their customers.


  • Better performance
  • Automated deployment
  • Improved customer experience
  • Expanded service portfolio

Hear Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks, discuss the value of hybridized environments in the webinar recording, Beyond the Cloud Hype: Achieving cost-efficiency and flexibility by leveraging hybridized environments.

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